Are you struggling with Domestic Violence in your life?  Whether abuse is happening to you or your are abusing someone and want to stop, we can help you with individual counseling and give you references to other resources in our area.

  • The first step is to call our office to set up a confidential appointment.  We do not accept walk ins.
  • We will meet at our office in a confidential manner.  We are unable to verify that you are here to anyone that calls and abide by HIPAA confidentiality regulations.
  • We will perform an Intake Assessment – ask you questions to determine your past and present life experiences to let us know where you are now.
  • We will determine a treatment plan to move you forward and educate you on other resources available to you.

Let our experienced, compassionate counselors help you through domestic violence issues.

Call (304) 342-7752 to schedule your appointment today.